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Quality Improvement in 2014

Even after 30 greens the digging holes are perfect.

Even more pleased customers!

Rasac GmbH, Armin Schmid from Hildisrieden LU, Switzerland

After a comparison test with tools from our competitors we could set the tone here.
"Your Tines are great and I'll gladly return back to you."
Hollow tines Vertidrain No. 19-018, outer diameter 30 mm, length 360 mm.

Armin Schmid, 19. April 2013


Sporthof Deinhofer, Josef Deinhofer from Ferschnitz, Austria

He used our hollow tines No. 19-013 in the sports field area for the first time.
"The tines with outer diameter 26 mm, length 250 mm have absolutely convinced me regarding ejection and lifetime."

Josef Deinhofer, 14. June 2013



Positive feedback for Aeritool

Our customer "Golfclub Kaiserhöhe e.V." in Ravenstein is thirlled by our hollow spoon (no. 07-090)

"Your Spoons are simply unbeatable!
It is now in its 30st Green - still a perfect punch. The excavation is excellent, and still with the first set of spoons!
This is something I've never experienced!
These are the best spoons I've ever used!"

Wladimir Rommel, Headgreenkeeper
Golfclub Kaiserhöhe e.V. in Ravenstein

Member of GVD

We are a member of GVD (German Greenkeepers Association)! since February 2012!