Aeration Tools

The first step to a perfect turf

The “aeration” process is one that will be especially familiar to golfers.
But ventilation of the pitch is also important for many other types of sport
that depend on a well cared for grass surface.

Ventilation of a grass surface is carried out using an aerator which presses
or punches holes in the ground with the aid of different sorts of spoon.
Afterwards large holes are filled with sand.

In this way a compacted grass surface is loosened up and can “breathe”

again; in moist areas water can soak away better. The compacted grass surface
is broken up, biological activity in the soil is improved, and the growth of
grass encouraged.
This is followed by applying fertiliser and re-sowing to create or maintain uniform,
healthy turf.

Aeration is carried out particularly before growth spurts at the beginning of May
or in mid-August. The period can, however, be chosen to suit the climatic and
soil conditions, and aeration can be more frequent when necessary.

Our catalogue just gives an overview of our standard programme; on request we will develop and produce special solutions for you.

Aeration Tools from Aeritool – for healthy and beautiful turf.