3 replacement spoons / tinkerer package


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If you already own an “AeriFork” you can order these 3 hollow spoons as a replacement if required.


If you want to build your own garden tool, then these 3 hollow spoons are just the thing!

But beware! When aerating by hand, very high forces act on the spoons and it is therefore advisable to use our complete “AeriFork” system.

Because only our coordinated individual parts guarantee optimal function when hand aerating in the home garden.

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3 Spoons 07-300

Dimensions (L x W): 145 mm x 19 mm
3 Hollow spoons 07-300 with side ejection
Shank-Ø: 19 mm
Working-Ø: 19 mm
Length: 145 mm
Insertion depth: approx.115 mm (this is how deep the the spoon goes into the ground)
Weight: 1,2 kg