The aerating tool "AeriFork"

directly from the manufacturer

The original directly from the manufacturer

The “AeriFork” aerating fork is the practical garden tool for the home garden. Anyone who wants to aerate their lawn professionally and thus achieve optimal growth with a rich color and even density is well equipped with our AeriFork.
In contrast to scarifying, the “AeriFork” hand aerator punches deeper holes in the lawn. Here, the soil is not displaced and compressed, but transported out through the hollow spoon with built-in optimized ejection. And the important thing here is: the ejection from the spoon takes place sideways – here in our coring fork to the front – and not upwards through a hollow tube. This is the only way to guarantee perfect ejection and minimize the effort.
If necessary, the treated area is then sprinkled with sand. The holes, which gradually close again, ensure better ventilation of the lawn due to the expansion of the soil around the holes. In this way, the water can be optimally distributed and no longer accumulates – all roots are evenly supplied with liquid and there is no overflow. This effectively prevents the formation of moss and weeds and the lawn roots grow stronger and deeper again.

Aerate like the pros!

What the pros do on the golf courses with large machines is now also possible in the home garden with the AeriFork, the practical hand aerator! And that with the same spoons that are also used thousands of times to aerate golf courses and sports fields. AeriFork – the aerating fork directly from the spoon manufacturer Aeritool – because that’s what matters!

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Handling - how to properly aerate!

Here you can see the AeriFork at work


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On the way to the perfect lawn


The turf should ideally be aerated between spring and fall a maximum of twice a year.
One pass a year has proven best to avoid tougher ones To loosen soil, aerating is initially also possible twice a year.

The soil should not be dried out, but also not extremely wet.

The “AeriFork” aerating fork can also be used beforehand hard-to-reach places can be worked on. Using the hand aerator is a blessing for your lawn all year round (not in late autumn or winter, of course).

The hand aerator is pushed vertically into the ground and also pulled out. This process should be repeated every 7 – 10 cm. It is best to work backwards/sideways away from the holes so as not to trample the ejection.
It is of great advantage that the handle of the AeriFork is attached in the middle, for example in harder soil, such as with a spade , to bring your entire body weight onto the fork with both feet at the same time in order to make it easier for the spoons to sink into the ground. In normal conditions, however, one foot is enough to push the AeriFork into the ground without any problems.

The thrown out soil (ideally with a rake or leaf blower collected) can be stored on the compost heap and used again later.

In the end, the treated area can ideally be loosely covered with sand (preferably fine quartz sand with a grain size from 0.1 to 0.2 mm) are sprinkled. For this you need about 5kg of sand per square meter. This works independently in the loosened soil. If necessary, additional fertilizer or lawn seed can be added.

Sanding is not absolutely necessary, the aeration of the roots and the loosening of the soil is achieved solely by using the AeriFork. The holes close themselves again, faster depending on the weather.

When manufacturing the Aerifork, Aeritool relies on regional components: both the handle made of ash wood and the 3 original Aeritool hollow spoons, which are so beautiful are used thousands of times in golf and sports field maintenance, and the mounts are all made in Baden-Württemberg.
The mount made of solid galvanized steel is specially tailored to fit the original Aeritool spoons, which have a fastening diameter of 19 mm .
The spoons are interchangeable, so cross, flat or full spoons can also be used.

Deliveries within Germany are free of charge. Deliveries to countries mentioned under “Shipping” have delivery costs of EUR 20. For deliveries to countries not mentioned, please send an email to to ask about our delivery costs for the AeriFork.

You can expect an additional charge of EUR 25.

For deliveries to Switzerland, please contact our partner:

Hermann Baur AG
Ettenbergstr. 24 CH-8907 Wettswil
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customer opinions

the shipment was delivered yesterday in very good condition. The packaging was excellent. As you can see in the photo, the multiple cardboard packaging around the cones was worth it. The first layer of cardboard was already aerated during transport!!! But the second layer of cardboard withstood the rough transport. Great. Kudos to the person who packed! Thank you.
Mr E. from R.
wanted to get in touch and be happy online - got the fork super fast and already dug a small piece of lawn on Saturday. Although of course it doesn't work by itself, the aerating fork is really great and worth every euro.
Thank you very much and greetings
Mr S. from I.
thank you very much!!! The coveted part arrived on Friday. In the evening I went straight to work in the garden and I already have my first “AeriFork sore stomach”. 😉 I'll be working on it in the near future. regards
Ms. B. from D.
Thank you - the fork was already with me on Wednesday. It is well made and has already passed the first tests with flying colors.
Mr M. from A.
The fork is really very good! One A quality, I am absolutely convinced of the quality!
Mr H. from K.
The fork works great. The shipping was super fast. Thank you for the tips over the phone. Some have asked me what kind of tool this is and I recommended your website.
Mr. B. from D.
That coring fork you make is an excellent product! I would like to thank you for how unbureaucratic and professional everything went. The AeriFork is absolutely worth the money!
Mr S. from B.
My Aeritool was with me on Tuesday (!) this week, I was really amazed at how quickly it went. Apart from that, I am absolutely delighted with the quality of the tool, what a great part. I have never had such a well-made and well thought-out garden tool in my hand. Thank you again and good luck.
Mr R. from B.
Thank you for the aerifork. The material is really excellent and beyond any doubt. The weight alone shows that the Aerifork is inexpensive in the best sense of the word - it is worth the price. I've done a few QM with it and it works great. It's really fun to work with - this tool is awesome.
Mr G. from K.